My First Computer

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My First Computer

It’s so hard to believe that I was only 11-years-old when my father brought home the Tandy TRS 80 Micro Computer System.

The TRS-80 has a full-stroke QWERTY keyboard, the Zilog Z80 processor, 4 KB DRAM standard memory (when many 8-bit computers shipped with only 1 KB RAM), small size and desk footprint, floating-point Level I BASIC language interpreter in ROM, 64-character per line video monitor, and a starting price of US$600[1] (equivalent to US$2,600 in 2020).

(information courtesy of Wikipedia)

He brought it in and told me what it was, but I was confused at first. I quickly overcame that confusion and loved every moment I was able to spend in front of it. There weren’t any programs, so I learned to create my own in Basic. Funny though, I didn’t stick with programming when DOS and later Windows came out.

We already had a cassette recorder and blank tapes at home, so I could save my work to a cassette tape.


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